I reviewed a question for the current iteration of the site self-evaluation back on April 23 (here's the link). I notice that the self-evaluation is still running. Isn't this kind of a long time for the self-evaluation to be active? On the other sites where I've used the self-evaluation queue, it's usually gone within a week or two.

I suspect that this might be related to this bug - there are 10 items in the self-evaluation queue, after all.

UPDATE: It's been running for over two months now...

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  • Looking into this. – Tim Post Jun 26 '14 at 5:41

We don't run evaluations on graduated sites, and it looks like you guys happened to graduated while an evaluation was running... which threw a wrench into the checks the queue runs to determine if it should close down.

I added a developer-only route to force-close evaluations if necessary, so this is all cleaned up now. Thanks for the report!

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