I'm developing credit card processing in our Point-of-Sale software, and would like to find a community where I can get some help. Is this the right one? If not, what Stack Exchange community would I need?

For example, a question I might ask would be something like "Is there a difference in processing rates when using an EMV chip card as opposed to swiping?" or "Can I prevent a transaction from completing if the Avs lookup was not successful?"


Those last two examples are quite vague, but a more realistic question would be "How quickly do debit transactions occur on consumer accounts?"

  • Not sure I understand the last question - how quickly in what sense? Is it how quickly they are posted to the account after the actual transaction? Commented Oct 25, 2015 at 21:40

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It's not about finance from the perspective of an individual, so I think it's probably off-topic here.

I'm not sure where else you could ask - maybe StackOverflow itself, though there might be a risk that people would consider the questions as only answerable by the relevant vendors/manufacturers.

Thanks for checking first :-)


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