My friends wants to buy a computer from me but we don't know what is it worth. Is money the right place to ask what a Dell Latitude E7450 is worth selling for or is there some other place where I can ask?

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    The best place would be to search online at eBay or other such market places and find out the approx cost. You can then decide what is the fair price. – Dheer Apr 10 '17 at 4:10

It's definitely off-topic for money - as per the off-topic list:

  • Requests for specific investment buy/sell advice; e.g. "should I sell X?" or "should I buy Y?" or "will X continue to go up?"
  • Questions about shopping; e.g. "where can I buy the cheapest X?"

I doubt it would be on-topic for any other SE site, as this kind of question is very specialised and unlikely to be of any general interest.

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