How can this How does "debt prescription" work in America (Utah if that matters)? be unclear? I specifically asked about terminology and gave an example from South African English asking for the American English synonym.

Someone also managed to give a correct answer so obviously it wasn't unclear if you had the right background knowledge.


First, keep in mind, I am a mod, but neither I, nor any other moderator, closed the question. It was closed by 5 regular members.

That said, a question was asked, and 4 different members tried to prompt you to add more detail to make the question more clear. Members were not quick to close, but waited. It was 3 days after the last comment went unanswered that the question was closed. 'Closed' doesn't mean deleted. You were welcome to edit the question and vote to reopen it.

It's been over a year, and you are still welcome to edit. I'd highly recommend you take the tour and see the kind of questions that are a fit for this stack. More important, you'll see how good questions are worded to get good answers.

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