No offense. Some moderators here close questions with one vote. But why don't just cast a close vote? This feels power abuse!

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A single close vote from a moderator does close the question, the only way a moderator can be one vote of five is to wait until four other users have cast their votes. The moderators on this site are very reasonable reopening questions when a coherent case is made to do so.

This power isn't only restricted to moderators. A single duplicate vote from a (high-rep) gold badge user can close any questions with tags that user has the badge for.


We are elected precisely to have this power. There's some discussion that moderators should have the ability to cast a non-binding vote in this question but regardless of that, there are plenty of situations where it's appropriate for moderators to take unilateral action.

In most cases if we close a question and the community undoes it then we will accept that.

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