This question (which is currently closed as off-topic, and deleted) comes from a known troll account. They're currently suspended on two other sites for trolling, and their MSO account was nuked entirely for repeated trolling.

Believing that this is also a troll question, I flagged this post as Rude/Abusive. However, a moderator declined it, citing lack of evidence.

Why was that? Was I correct in flagging this?

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That might have been me. If so, I thought I was responding to a flag on your comment. In other words, I thought that the OP flagged your comment as rude to him.

In hindsight, I see what happened, it was actually you flagging the question. And I apologize for that. Keep in mind, the question was already closed when you flagged.

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    That interface is super confusing. I can never figure out what is being flagged. I always just go to the original post and clean it up there.
    – JohnFx Mod
    Commented Dec 15, 2020 at 3:02

This is a case where you should use a custom flag rather than a standard one. Rude/abusive doesn't convey the extra information you're mentioning here to the moderator handling the flag.

I've deleted the post now.

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