What is ? From the context it sounds like it should be .

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The tag and the two questions (1, 2) it is used in appear to entirely be the work of one user.

I agree, it appears to be actually referring to Form 1099-NEC. This form was new in 2020*. Before that, its function was combined with Form 1099-MISC.

We already have lots of questions tagged , and almost all of them apply to the new 1099-NEC form. The two forms are related, and even share one set of instructions. I think my recommendation is to make a synonym of (or the other way around), edit the tag descriptions to make it clear that the tags apply to both, and get rid of this new tag, which seems to be erroneous.

I have removed the tag from the two questions, and tagged them with . I have held off creating a new tag until we can come to consensus here how we want to handle it. I have asked a new meta question to discuss how best to handle these tags.

* Actually, it existed in 1979-1982, and was brought back in 2020.

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