I asked a question about Real Estate that dealt with surveys instead of personal finance. I agree with the commentator who says my question was border-line off-topic.

  1. Did the creators of SE-Personal Finance and Money intend to exclude Real Estate questions, even though there is a Real Estate tag?

  2. Would expanding the scope of SE-Personal Finance and Money to include Real Estate questions be problematic ?

  3. Is there a SE site better suited for this question?

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I would suggest that question is on topic, because it involves the sale of the property.

IMHO, the buying of, selling of, borrowing money for, or insuring a piece of real estate, whether one's principal residence, a vacation home, or an investment property (owned by an individual), all fall under the category of "personal finance".

Some of the biggest money decisions people make in their lives involve real estate.

But there's also much about real estate that would not be on topic. There's a line to be drawn, insofar as a real estate question involves a person's own financial decisions or actions.

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