I have a dumb phone and I'm trying to buy my first iPhone. It's been really hard to find answers to the following questions in a comprehensive way:

  • does it make more sense to buy a phone, pay the ETF, and just do a month-to-month contract?
  • what do contracts for unlocked iPhones look like on different carriers?
  • how can I get a good deal on a 2 year contract? are there discounts available?

I understand this might not be the right place to ask; if it isn't I would appreciate a pointer to a place where I could find answers, or ask people who'd know the answers.

Thanks, Kevin

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You're right, the PF & Money SE isn't the right place to ask – that would be considered a shopping question, and would be off-topic. Thanks for asking here at meta first.

Since you're interested in the iPhone specifically, I'd suggest finding a U.S.-based iPhone discussion forum where such questions would be on-topic. Chances are there are many iPhone users who have researched the costs across the U.S.-based carriers already.


http://howardforums.com/ is such a discussion board. They are also visually the reason why Stack exchanges are popular.

It is hard to read that site without Ad-Block or something to dim the noise. I don't support ad-block on most sites, but there is one where they go overkill on ad space.

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