When was Basically Money born, who created it, and what is the purpose of the site?

What makes Basically Money different from other money sites or discussion forums?

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    FWIW, I created this question originally when the site was launched as basicallymoney.com under SE 1.0. This question was moved over with everything else when the site joined the SE 2.0 network as money.stackexchange.com. Aug 22, 2010 at 13:51
  • The history of the move might be useful to add, especially since we're nearing graduation. Congratulations by the way :-).
    – C. Ross
    Aug 3, 2013 at 14:20

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(Yes, I'm answering my own question :-)

I had the idea for Basically Money while on vacation in summer 2009. I was relaxing indoors after a family day at the beach, spending time browsing & answering questions at stackoverflow.com and superuser.com. I realized it would be great if there were the same kind of Q&A site, but about money instead of technology. Technology is one of my passions -- and personal finance the other.

Rather than wait for somebody else to build the community I was looking for, I decided to act. I requested access to the StackExchange hosted platform beta, which had been recently announced. StackExchange is based on the same successful software used to run the above sites.

What do I like about the StackExchange platform? Let me list some of the reasons:

  • The community decides which questions and answers are good, and which are not, since:
  • Questions and answers can be either upvoted or downvoted by registered users.
  • Users can gain reputation by asking good questions, or providing good answers.
  • The system supports organizing questions and finding answers thruogh a tagging system.
  • The web site software is a joy to use!

Anyway, here we are. I hope you enjoy the site!

Let's build a community together.

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