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SE needs a "Business Finance and Accounting" community

PFM's rules explicitly forbid business accounting questions: Please note that the following subjects are considered off-topic here: Questions about accounting that are academic or have no bearing on ...
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What to do with all the Macroeconomics questions?

Seems like there have been a lot of macro-economics questions lately, for example: Country Budget Cuts Does the fractional reserve banking system necessitate indefinite and exponential economic ...
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Are small business questions on topic?

I see a number of questions related to small business. Area51 has a startup business proposal in the commitment phase now. Some of these questions will be related to personal finance, but some will ...
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Are questions about single-person/family businesses on topic or not?

The guidelines say that "questions about small business that have no bearing on personal finance" are off-topic, and also request that "if you have a question about a small business, please make sure ...
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Where can I ask questions about economics not related to personal finance?

From reading this page, I understand that questions about economics not related to personal finance is out of topic here (for example questions about corporate or government finance). Is there any ...
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Why is this Sole Proprietorship accounting question off-topic?

I migrated over from Economics.SE and see that is has been closed as off-topic. Sorry for jamming up your site with unwanted ...
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Expanding the scope of "money" to economics, etc

I'm posting to get opinions on whether or not the scope of this exchange should be expanded. Many people ask questions regarding relationships between the Fed and banks or other broader questions that ...
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Why do we have the accounting tag?

RonJohn comments that its use is a flag that the question is probably off-topic. That sounds like a tag that will not be used by people who know what it's for.
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Are questions about personal finance accounting on-topic?

A commenter on my question “End of financial year: closing transactions” declares: I think this answer is going to get closed b/c accounting is off-topic on this site Isn't it the case, though, ...
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Are questions about student society bookkeeping on-topic here?

I'm the treasurer for a university student-run society. The society has between 500-1000 members and receives $10,000-20,000/year in dues from the membership. We are audited three times per year by ...
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