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2 answers

Changing the question after it's answered?

What are the site rules regarding that? This is the question I'm asking about: "Oh, I didn't really care about what I wrote in the question, but about something I didn't ask about."
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2 answers

Asking for advice on how to think about asset allocation

I would like to ask a question on the main site but am not sure it's on-topic. A year ago I hired a fee-based planner to design a retirement portfolio, and was happy with the results. I elected not ...
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Would my question be on-topic for Money.SE?

I want to ask a question asking why the 'new' chip & pin system in the U.S is considered such a big deal, compared to the rest of the world (who have had this system for a while). Would my ...
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Issue with new design: The "ASK QUESTION" link doesn't stand out. New users will not notice it

The link to ask a new question is lost somewhere in the menu. It doesn't attract any attention. A new user was trying to post a question, but since it wasn't so obvious to him how to do it, he was ...
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Is asking questions here, in order to gain insight for product development ok?

Essentially I'm trying to gain insight around something as I'm developing a product/service in this area. I need to ask questions around the topic and potentially speak to potential users of the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Error, Reputation, Close ? Delete?

Can I delete my own question ? Will it undo the damage to my reputation that has been done ? Can I close my own question ? I just posted one, and the immediate response was uniformly negative. I ...
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5 answers

Economic questions vs Money Chores questions, couldn't they just live together?

I might be wrong, but I have got the impression on MS users are divided in two main cults: One side stricly against any type of "Economic" questions like this one: Who creates money? Central banks or ...
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6 answers

Are questions like "saving money making your own clothes" a good fit for money.stackexchange?

I have been away for a long time from Money.Stackexchange, I came back last month and I found it changed. I might be wrong but in the past I felt it was more a place to talk about economy and money ...
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1 answer

May I ask on MS a question about how to explain Quantitative Easing side effects to kids?

I would like to ask this question on MS: "How would you explain to kids what happens when a Central Bank prints more money? It's simple to explain that it saves the banks and the States by ...
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2 answers

Can I ask a speculative question with unverified assumption in the title?

I am trying to simplify this question here because it attracts story-telling -style answers which I do not like. I believe I could get much exact answers with title such as "Risks with low beta stocks?...
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