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Why is asking about potato futures considered "opinion-based"?

This seems like a fairly straightforward set of questions to me: What does it mean to invest in potatoes? The OP is asking how one can trade a potato on an exchange. His/her puzzlement stems from ...
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Can we reopen this question about saving money?

I asked a question about finding ways to save money on an international transfer which seems to be within the question guidelines of this forum according to the on-topic page: Personal Finance and ...
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Why was the question about the SIPC closed?

Today, this question was asked: Is SIPC a scam or does it protect investors from fraud? It was closed as "unclear what you're asking." Would one of the users that closed care to comment on what ...
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This person's question was closed for incorrect reasons, and is compliant if the people that closed it knew the answer

In reference to this closed question: How to anonymously donate cryptocurrency to charities which only support traditional online payments platform? The reason for closing this question was that it is ...
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