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Why was my comment deleted, for this question about "where does the Value of Money go"?

Specifically, this question on Value of Money. I put a comment on the Question itself (two, actually, one in response to another person). All three comments are gone - any reason why? Alternately, is ...
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Why was my comment deleted? [duplicate]

I posted a comment on this question. Arguably it could have been posted as an answer but the question was "protected" and I don't have enough fake internet points on this exchange site yet. The ...
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Options under "flag a comment"

I am flagging this comment as rude or abusive This comment violates our "Be Nice" policy. no longer needed This comment is obsolete, chatty, or otherwise unnecessary. in need of moderator ...
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Should answers be left in the comments?

Sometimes users leave comments on questions that are essentially a short answer to the question. What is wrong with answering a question in the comment section? Is it ever appropriate to leave an ...
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Isn't saying "I'm sorry to hear that" considered "not constructive"?

I'm 23 and was given $50k. What should I do? Given this post there is a comment saying: "I am sorry to hear about your loss." I flagged it on the day being posted as not constructive (as I can'...
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Deleted Comments Alert

There are times that after a user deletes a comment, the responses are often out of place. At the moment, When writing a covered call, what's the difference between a "net debit" and a &...
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Are lower rep users allowed to comment on higher rep users' questions & answers?

I'm trying to comment on this answer but my comment keeps disappearing. All my comment is trying to point out is that the first part of the answer is irrelevant since the original poster's quote is ...
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What's up with "Trivial answer converted to comment"?

So I went to the grim reaper questions and I was going to answer with a question that I thought should be "reaped". It was auto-magically converted to a comment. How do I avoid this behavior?
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