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13 votes
8 answers

Clarifying the Area 51 proposal: Can some basic economics and policy questions be on-topic?

[Ganesh Sittampalam's original question] I've voted to close this question* because it directly corresponds to this off-topic question from the area51 proposal (about economics and policy) and I ...
11 votes
5 answers

What to do with all the Macroeconomics questions?

Seems like there have been a lot of macro-economics questions lately, for example: Country Budget Cuts Does the fractional reserve banking system necessitate indefinite and exponential economic ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why can't we ask questions about economics here? Is there a place to ask questions about economics?

Just as the title says. Finance are relevant to economy. Isn't true we need to understand economy to invest better?
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1 vote
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Accountancy forum or q&a (I have question about state budget)

Hi, this Q&A is about personal finance but I need to find a forum or Q&A where I could ask questions about state budget and that kind of accountancy. Many thanks
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