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Changing the question after it's answered?

What are the site rules regarding that? This is the question I'm asking about: "Oh, I didn't really care about what I wrote in the question, but about something I didn't ask about."
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Editing out an incorrect term that a question is centered around

Coming from HNQ I saw the post "Are all current world currencies 'decimal'?" I read the post and then moved onto the answers and the first thing I come across was some nonsensical sentence: The ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How far should we go in rewriting off-topic questions in order to make them on-topic?

I did a wholesale rewrite of Why are capital gains taxed at a lower rate than normal income in an attempt to make it fit the site better. I might have violated the author's intent in asking. I've ...
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Are minor grammar edits desirable?

I'm going to nitpick. A recent edit of a single word ("it's" to "its") brought this one to mind. The FAQ states: Edits are expected to be substantial and to leave the post better than you found ...
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Are double edits inappropriate for <1k rep users?

I just edited a question, changing both title and body text. It definitely a useful edit. But as soon as I completed the edit I realized/remembered there was a tag I should have added. So I looked for ...
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How do I see edits to my question?

My question shows it has been edited, but I see no way to view the edits. How can I see exactly what was edited?
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