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Questions flagged as duplicate, and/or reasons to do so.

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New question is a duplicate of an old question, someone answers it and closes the old question. Is that the common practice here?

Why is the cost basis reported by a broker on RSUs 0 USD? (posted 4 years ago), was closed by 1 user as a duplicate of What is the law/regulation which prohibits brokers from reporting basis on RSUs? (...
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Is it appropriate to mark "Is this person xxx" as duplicates?

Every few days there is an new question formatted: This person/friend/long-lost-distant-relative/shady-website asked for my bank/credit-card password that they have no reason for. Are they trying ...
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Best approach to merge or mark duplicate 4 questions on inverse/leveraged ETFs?

I believe that these four questions are all duplicates of each other: Why buying an inverse ETF does not give same results as shorting the ETF Why an ETF mirrors the underlying index on a day to day ...
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Are recipient type differences sufficient to make a question non-duplicate

What are the tax etc. implications of giving a friend's company an interest free loan? has been marked as a duplicate of question How do you declare an interest free loan?, however, the former ...
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Can the same question be asked about two different locations?

Seven months ago, the following question was asked: Can I prepay a Credit Card to make a Large Purchase greater than my credit limit? This question was tagged with hong-kong. A couple of days ago, ...
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