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Questions tagged [flagging]

For questions about the flagging process, how flags are handled, etc.

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3 answers

Using harsh language

I am not crazy about when people make comments like "please don't suggest that stupid Quicken". Lots of people use it and like it. Should i edit/report this kind of post?
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Why can I only vote to migrate to Meta, instead of another S-E Site?

I recently flagged a post for moderator attention, as it had a couple of problems with it: The post did not have a practical, answerable question The post was more appropriate for The WorkPlace than ...
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Reminder: Don't downvote spam. Just flag it

While cleaning out the spam queue today I noticed a flurry of down-votes on these posts. Just wanted to remind everyone that you only need to flag spam to get a moderator to remove it from the site. ...
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Request: An off-topic reason of 'corporate finance'

This HNQ, Greedy shareholder that does not want to dilute his portion , is clearly off topic per the help centre (though not the Ask Question page which is entirely misleading*) as it is about finance ...
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What standard flag should I use for questions asking about the reasons a government made laws affecting personal finance?

Upon reflection, I realized that Why is there a cap on 401k contributions? is ultimately a question about politics rather than personal finances. Any answer is going to boil down to identifying the ...
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Why was my flag on a troll question declined?

This question (which is currently closed as off-topic, and deleted) comes from a known troll account. They're currently suspended on two other sites for trolling, and their MSO account was nuked ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do I see which questions I've flagged?

I flagged a question as low quality, but nevertheless, I may in the future want to revisit that question. It's not a problem now, because the question is still on the first page, but in the future, ...
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How do I indicate that I've addressed a flag, without flagging the post myself or marking the flag as invalid?

In the moderator tools, is there a way for me to indicate that I've addressed a flag without flagging the post myself or marking the flag as invalid? For example, in one post, someone (I presume the ...
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1 answer

Bug: Flags underlining overlaps text

Provided you've flagged something helpful, select your flag summary. This has recently become underlined due to this change However on this site, due to its particular styling of underlines, the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Standardization amongst moderators for flag status

Can we get the moderators to agree on whether a flag should be declined or receive some follow-up? My flag was declined, then a member vote and a mod vote put the question on hold for the flagged ...
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Why was my question closed?

I asked: "Where can I find historical world stock returns? [closed]" and it was flagged as off topic. How is this off topic? I'm just asking if anyone knows where I can find a chart showing total ...
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Questions seeking product or service recommendations are off-topic, flag overused

This flag for closing questions is overused: "Questions seeking product or service recommendations are off-topic because they tend to become obsolete quickly. Instead, describe your situation and the ...
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Isn't saying "I'm sorry to hear that" considered "not constructive"?

I'm 23 and was given $50k. What should I do? Given this post there is a comment saying: "I am sorry to hear about your loss." I flagged it on the day being posted as not constructive (as I can'...
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