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Scam questions and "if you have to ask" comments

We get a fair number of questions about scams, and one of the things that's inevitable is that, in the first few comments, one of them is some variation of: If you have to ask, it's a scam. This ...
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2 answers

Guidelines for asking for/editing country tags in questions from new users

Information on the location of the question asker (country tag) is important for answering many questions on this site. And, unfortunately, needing to continuously ask new users for their location ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Can we add a suggestion to "Ask Question" to include your locality?

So many questions get comments "What country are you in?" "Where are you doing this?" etc. etc. Can we add a more obvious "Add your country!" to the "Ask Question" page?
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Community, please review my question re-write on mortgages

What can I plan for to save money on my mortgage? I reopened the question after getting the author's permission to help rewrite the question. Please feel free to comment or edit away and make it ...
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