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For questions related to specific tags on the main site. It could be questions about whether a tag should be created, deleted, or otherwise modified.

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Should we combine HSA and health-spending-account tags?

Should we combine the hsa and health-spending-account tags? Also, shouldn't it be health-savings-account instead of health-spending-account?
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1 answer

Should the "savings" and "saving" tags be merged?

I don't have enough reputation in either tag to suggest one as a synonym of the other, but I don't think it's necessary to have both. The savings tag is used on 145 questions, while the saving tag is ...
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5 votes
1 answer

The "security" tag is ambiguous. Should we re-define it according to the general meaning?

I just noticed the security tag has an ambiguous meaning. I started to address this with some tag edits, and then realized I should post here about it so we can discuss & document the decision, ...
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Tag 'form-1099-ent'

What is form-1099-ent? From the context it sounds like it should be form-1099-nec.
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1 answer

What should we do about the Form 1099 tags?

As I discussed in an answer to another meta question, Form 1099-NEC was new in 2020*, and before that, its function was combined with Form 1099-MISC. We already have lots of questions tagged form-1099-...
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What's the value of the "value" tag?

I'm trying to think of a tag wiki description for the value tag, but I find myself having trouble describing exactly what it's supposed to refer to. The first few questions from the tag are: ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Is the "Accounting" tag wiki accurate?

When I read the following wiki:, I am getting mixed messages. Firstly, it mentions that all accounting questions must be personal. In my mind a "...
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2 answers

State tag suggestion

We need tags for all 50 states, and probably the territories. For example there is no Washington or Washington DC tag, but there is California.
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