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Why isn't "this is about business finance" in the list of reasons to vote to close?

Working through the list of votes to close today, I kept coming across questions that were really about business finance, not personal. Yet there seemed to be no appropriate category to select for the ...
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Why Question about "US demonetize large bills" was closed

I have a question Could the US demonetize large bills? If so, how can I protect myself if I rely on holding US dollars in cash? Is there a way to reopen this question. Till "April 08" is was shown ...
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Is it acceptable to answer an off-topic question?

If I see a question that, in my opinion, is off-topic for this site, should I answer it? Can I answer it and then vote to close it?
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Close Votes under Tools is not showing the correct number of Close Votes?

The tools->close page has a list of questions with "Most Close Votes". This list is currently showing all questions in the list with exactly 1 close vote, even though several questions have 2 or 3, ...
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