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Voting Stats For Money.SE

On the Math site I saw this post in the Meta section - Up and Down Vote Statistics Can a Mod respond with data for Money.SE? Curious how our stats look in comparison.
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4 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to eliminate vindictive downvotes?

I seem to have acquired a secret admirer who systematically downvotes my answers for a while now. Almost every day I get downvotes on various old answers, sometimes several in a row. Never more than 5 ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Why can't I use the maximum 40 votes in a single day?

To earn the Vox Populi badge a user must cast "the maximum 40 votes in a day." I notice that no one has earned this badge. Recently I used 39 votes in one day. Further attempts to vote gave me the "...
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Am I voting too much?

If you ask a question that I can understand what you want to know, if you answer something that is not bad advice I will upvote you. When this site was SE1.0 I voted my mouse off to get the strangers ...
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