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Answer deleted, but I think I did, in fact, answer the question

I deleted it because the question is about is it possible, not should he/she do it. Additionally, IMO the references to "whiny, inconvenienced snowflakes" are still rude/unfriendly even though you ...
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Question gone without a trace

There are a couple of issues going on. First, it is important for you to realize that questions asking for product or service recommendations are off-topic on this site, as well as most Stack Exchange ...
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How to defend myself against a deleted answer?

In general you can raise a custom flag if you want to discuss a mod decision (or raise it on meta as you've done). In this case I was responding to a not-an-answer flag from another user and on ...
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Why was this question about Student Loan minimum payments deleted?

The question was closed by 5 regular (non-mod) members. Closed questions can be edited to fix whatever reason prompted the close. This question was closed over 10 months ago, with no such edit, and ...
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