Please don't be offended, and please don't consider a flag to be an accusation. A combination of multiple factors that correlate with spammy behavior probably caused a user's spam alarm to fire a false-positive, and they raised a flag for a moderator. Here are the factors that likely played a part in this: It is a high-traffic page with >10,000 views. ...


Firstly, apologies for not being aware that this was a standard reference source - we could have avoided a bit of discussion if I had realised that. We get quite a lot of answers - maybe one or two a week - that make at least a vague attempt to be relevant but nonetheless appear to be spam/site promotion. In this case the flag stated: Potential site ...


The answer is we are all human and subject to mistakes. A link to a CBOE article should not have been considered spam. The mod handling it is new, not in the US, and I'm guessing, not familiar with options trading. You handled it just fine. Your answer is re-opened, and the comments all cleared now. Please accept my apologies.

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