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Dear Stack Exchange: A Statement and a Letter from your Moderators

Crossposted from Meta.Stackexchange Dear Stack Exchange, Inc., We know you know about this already, so we'll keep this brief. The past two weeks have been rough. Lots of moderators have lost ...
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Frequently Answered Questions (by topic)

Members are welcome to continue to directly edit this FAQ Note The Help Page shows a link to this FAQ If you missed it, please read the Code of Conduct along with the Official FAQ Getting Started ...
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Goodbye PF&MSO!

Goodbye, Stack Overflow! It's been fun collecting 11,758 Internet points and helping start the overflow site, but I'll be leaving as part of the Monica Cellio backlash.
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I will be joining the moderator strike [edit - now over]

Edit: following an agreement being reached between the company and community representatives, I am no longer striking. Following the announcement of a new policy making it very difficult to moderate ...
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MrChrister stepping down from mod duties

Just a quick note that I am stepping down from my moderation duties. I will no longer have a diamond by my name, but I will still be reading the site and participating when I can. Even after 5 years,...
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Personal Finance & Money - Top User Swag!

As our special thanks to you for not only being extremely awesome, but also being extremely patient with us through the process of graduation, I'd like to announce the immediate availability of some ...
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2015 Community Moderator Election Results

Personal Finance & Money's 2 moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 2 new moderators are: Please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance ...
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The future of Personal Finance and Money

As one of our longest-lived "beta" sites, there've been quite a few concerns raised here over the years as to the future of Personal Finance and Money. And understandably so. We've tried ...
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How to handle the influx of questions on cheap ways to transfer money from currency A to currency B?

There are several of these questions recently and also several older versions of these questions: What is the cheapest way to move money from the United States to Canada? Most cost effective way to ...
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Updates to the site

You may have noticed some updates to the design lately, they are part of a SE network-wide update to a new base css framework. The updates allow us to: Have sharper / more beautiful design on retina ...
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Why is asking about potato futures considered "opinion-based"?

This seems like a fairly straightforward set of questions to me: What does it mean to invest in potatoes? The OP is asking how one can trade a potato on an exchange. His/her puzzlement stems from ...
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Meta tag box has lower z index than footer, so appears below when question box is expanded

Here I have my question box expanded so it pushes down the footer. I then click the tags box, and it's below the footer: Here is an animation: No other site does this - in all others the suggestions ...
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Moderator Pro Tem Announcement

As we enter the second week of the public beta, we desperately need members from the site whose focus is to engage the community, both in community-building issues and site management. That's why we ...
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Is there a way to add an individual to our block list?

There are times when I start losing patience with an individual and the best thing for both of us and for the general conversation is if I don't respond to them -- and ideally if I don't even see what ...
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Can we reopen this question about saving money?

I asked a question about finding ways to save money on an international transfer which seems to be within the question guidelines of this forum according to the on-topic page: Personal Finance and ...

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