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Dan Dascalescu


Full-stack developer building CryptoClimate, digital nomad.


Co-founded the visa-free startup ship, Blueseed, the Quantified Self Forum (a community for self-trackers), and two web startups using .

Former Developer Advocate at Google - Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Chrome OS, and AR (Lens).

Former localization engineer at Yahoo!. I currently discourage localization in general, for reasons I haven't seen successfully challenged since 2009, with the exception of translating basic computer programming materials as a way to onboard new developers.

More about me on on Wikipedia or on my website. My CV is on StackOverflow Careers.


Entrepreneurship and disruptive technologies - cryptocurrencies, machine learning, biotech, 3D printing, brain-computer interfaces, prediction markets. Applying ~20 years of experience in software development and ~5 in the startup world in CTO roles at emergent tech companies.