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Should you sacrifice the end user experience to fight against spam?
6 votes

Stack Exchange doesn't allow you to comment on questions unless you have 50 reputation points. How do you earn those? By asking questions. So basically the website is inadvertently soliciting for ...

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Should we ask to lower our close and reopen votes threshold to 3 (from 5?)
3 votes

I think that far too many questions are closed on Personal Finance where I primarily participate, sometimes foolishly. Many questioners put a lot of effort into their question(s) and they are seeking ...

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Tags for US OTC securities
1 votes

AFAIC, there have not been nor will there ever be enough questions to warrant breaking the "over-the-counter" tag into individual tags for OTCBB, OTCQX, OTCQB, and OTC Pink. The poster ...

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Is anyone on Personal Finance and Money actually Wealthy?
0 votes

I would offer a similar answer as JTP presented. The stock market and some real estate allowed me to hit my number so I was able to retire in my early 50's. I'm by no means wealthy but I have ...

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