After some contemplation and discussion regrading questions like "Where can I get deals on X?" in this meta question, I have another.

What about questions of the form "How can I save money on X?" I actually thought of that as I was writing out the meta question linked above. Would that be a suitable form for the question? Though such questions could also be contentious/subjective, I do think they are of some value. Certainly more value than "Where can I get deals on X?"

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"How can I save money on ..." sounds good to me. The answers to that type of question will be things like:

  • Buy X used.
  • See if you can rent Y instead of purchasing.
  • Ask for a specific kind of discount.
  • Buy A instead of B.

The answers are not specific in time and should age well. This is more like the airline question discussed in the general advice on getting good prices meta question than the textbook question discussed in Useful, but subjective questions along the lines of: Where can I get deals on X?.

  • personal finance is about saving and making money. I think save on questions are good ideas here.
    – MrChrister
    Commented Aug 18, 2010 at 20:44

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