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This person's question was closed for incorrect reasons, and is compliant if the people that closed it knew the answer

In reference to this closed question: How to anonymously donate cryptocurrency to charities which only support traditional online payments platform? The reason for closing this question was that it is ...
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question about selling metal closed

Related to this question: How to get a fair market price for small amounts of physical precious metals? A user rightly commented on this question to say product recommendations are off topic. As I ...
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3 answers

What standard flag should I use for questions asking about the reasons a government made laws affecting personal finance?

Upon reflection, I realized that Why is there a cap on 401k contributions? is ultimately a question about politics rather than personal finances. Any answer is going to boil down to identifying the ...
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HTTP link in custom close reason

I was looking at the custom close reasons and noticed that the custom close reason for product or service recommendations includes a link to
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2 answers

Should we consolidate the accounting and economics off-topic reasons with others?

Currently we have three custom off-topic reasons: Questions on economics are off-topic unless they relate directly to personal finance. Questions seeking product or service recommendations ...
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2 answers

Should we have a custom close/on hold reason for questions that require a lawyer/accountant?

In my opinion, this question is one that should be answered by a lawyer, accountant, EA, etc. When voting to close or put the question on hold, I would probably choose "Off-topic" with a custom reason ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Economic questions vs Money Chores questions, couldn't they just live together?

I might be wrong, but I have got the impression on MS users are divided in two main cults: One side stricly against any type of "Economic" questions like this one: Who creates money? Central banks or ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Should homework questions be allowed? Many questions are being closed as "homework" but there is no policy or consensus against

Refer to this question. It's homework, and clearly disclosed as such. Somebody flagged the question, stating "I'm assuming homework questions aren't allowed here." Got me thinking that we haven't ...
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Do we need to draw a line about household cost-cutting questions, such as the example herein?

This question about saving money on electricity was closed by the community. I re-opened it because cost-cutting is a valid topic for the site. In fact, one of the sample charter on-topic ...
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